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            •  Display Materials
          Liquid Crystal
            •  Pharmaceutical Chemicals
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          Add:#6,The Third Branch, Yongjiang
          Road, E.T.D.Z,Yantai, China
          Tel: +86-535-6934138 6101210
          Fax: +86-535-6934137
          Sales: market@xianhualc.com

          The core competitiveness of the significant Chinese is the world's sole owner of the liquid crystal material.

          1.Compared with the liquid crystal intermediates business,technical superiority,talent advantage and the end product advantages;
          2. The other domestic liquid crystal monomer enterprises,intermediates and mixed together the advantages of LCD,200 LCD domestic and foreigh customers till now
          3.The liquid crystal mixture,the advantages of intermediates can guarantee the supply of monomer synthetic intermediates can guarantee product quality and control of mixed LC costs.
          4、The liquid crystal mixture with foreign companies,integrated industrial chain of huge cost advantage.

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          飘雪高清在线播放,飘雪影院 高清在线观看,飘雪 高清 下载 观看视频 在线看,飘雪影视电影在线观看 百度 360 搜狗 好搜