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          Top Products
            •  Display Materials
          Liquid Crystal
            •  Pharmaceutical Chemicals
            •  Other chemicals
          Contact Us
          Add:#6,The Third Branch, Yongjiang
          Road, E.T.D.Z,Yantai, China
          Tel: +86-535-6934138 6101210
          Fax: +86-535-6934137
          Sales: market@xianhualc.com
          R&D capability

          For sustainable development, XIANHUA is equipped with strong R&D center from chemicals to materials of whole industry chain.

          Covering the R & D of : New molecular calculate and design / Molecular chemical synthesis / Molecular purification/ Display material formula/ Material display device verification technology

          Xianhuahas over 60 R&D team members(13% of total employees) . Of which, Ph.Dis 4, Master degree is 28.

          R&D investment amount is more than 6% of annual sales revenue. XIANHUA has obtained more than 10 invention patents , 6 Provincial scientific & technological achievements appraisal, and also issued 5 Enterprise standards.

          XIANHUA is applying for the establishment of “Yantai OptoelectricMaterials Research Institute”.

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